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Flower Child bath salt

Flower Child bath salt
Flower Child bath salt
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Oh you Flower Child, you radiate positive vibes everywhere you go and show people how beautiful it is to be a free spirit. You adore flowers in your hair and live life with a loving heart and a kind soul. The warmth of the sun dancing on your skin, barefoot in the garden, you yearn for harmony. This cleansing and hydrating blend of mineral-rich Pink Himalayan + Dead Sea Salts help to draw out toxins in the skin and Epsom salts to relieve muscle tension. A bright, effervescent blend of grapefruit, spearmint + lemongrass work together in harmony as a sweet pick me. Bring this field of flowers to the tub and bloom in beauty. Our hope that Flower Child bath salts help you to cherish your individuality and embrace your best self.
Fill the tub with hot water, sprinkle a generous 1/4 cup (2 oz.) salt blend into warm bath water or into the reusable muslin tea bag provided. You can either toss the sachet in the tub or hang it from the spout. Relax and breathe deep.

TIP: Don't run the bath water too hot. Though the heat can be soothing, temperatures that are too high will make your pores close, preventing absorption of any minerals. In addition, hot baths will make you sweat, just like a sauna, and you may feel tired or sluggish from dehydration. Ideal bath temperature is tepid to warm.

Store in Cool, Dry Location.

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan + Dead Sea Salts. Organic Sweet Almond Oil. Organic Grapefruit, Spearmint + Lemongrass Essential Oils. Dried Marigolds, Peach Blossoms + Sweet Violets.

Volume: 13 oz

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