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Brand: Bambaw
One major part of your zero-waste journey is to reuse what you have. Taking a reusable bottle anywhere you go, helps to reduce the number of 1 million plastic bottles sold each minute worldwide. However, these need to be cleaned regularly and the easiest and most thorough way to do that is with a bo..
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Brand: Bambaw
Doing the dishes is a necessity for almost everyone. We do it every day to clean pots, pans, cutlery, plates and anything else we use in the kitchen. It is such a common chore that it is easy to forget about its environmental impact.The problem with common dish brushesConventional dish brushes are u..
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Brand: Janni Bars
A solid new soap for your cleaning needs! No more plastic in the kitchen! Use this bar for washing your dishes, cleaning counter tops and stove and why not have one in the bathroom too? Is simple yet effective composition gives a grease cutting effect as well as being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal,..
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Brand: Bambaw
Paper towels are common in many households since the early 20th century. The convenience of having disposable towels made it a huge commercial success. Since then, many people got used to using a kitchen roll for cleaning, drying or personal hygiene.The impact of single-use kitchen rollsUnfortunatel..
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